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MMS and Malaria

September 21, 2011

With millions of people dying of malaria around the world, the medical community is constantly searching for a way to effectively treat and prevent the disease from wiping out and crippling entire regions. One man, Jim Humble, believes he’s found the solution. He calls his discovery the Miracle Mineral Supplement and his revolutionary, and controversial, cure has created quite the chemical stir.

The Miracle Mineral Solution is a liquid compound that when used as directed creates a chlorine dioxide formula. This solution, meant to be orally ingested, supposedly acts like chlorine would in water, killing all harmful diseases in the human body. In essence, MMS is chlorine for the body. This purification system, Humble claims, has allowed him to personally cure over 2,000 cases of malaria. He is said to have trained numerous others to create the compound, a solution he modeled after water purification pills, and as a result nearly one hundred thousand more cases were cured in a matter of hours.

Suggesting that people ingest any amount of chlorine dioxide has, of course, raised a few eyebrows in the medical and scientific community. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, has even issued a formal warning against the use of the Miracle Mineral Solution suggesting that if used as directed, MMS could cause health problems and recommends that those who are taking it stop its use immediately.

Despite the skepticism and criticism that Jim Humble and the Miracle Mineral Solution are facing in the United States, Humble continues to encourage its use around the globe, standing by his beliefs that the solution can and does cure malaria and could potentially save the lives of millions around the world and eradicate the crippling disease forever. Humble has written several books on the subject and has, what he says, scientific proof that MMS cures malaria but that it does so at rapid speeds and at an extremely low cost. The FDA argues that there remains no empirical evidence that the Miracle Mineral Solution can effectively cure malaria or any other diseases it claims to cure.

Questions remain as to whether or not MMS is a true effort to contribute to medical discourse and offer a solution for a debilitating disease plaguing the most poverty stricken parts of the world, or if it is merely a scam that prays on those in the most desperate need for hope, who are willing to take any risk for the faint prospect of health. Many argue that if such a simple solution did exist for curing malaria, why didn’t the premiere scientists and physicians in the world ever come to a similar solution? Others hark back to the fact that some of the most life-changing discoveries have been made by accident, by people with little or no training in that particular field of study in which they changed the course of understanding.

With such a hot button issue like malaria, it is unlikely to be long before a definitive answer can be made on the Miracle Mineral Solution and its true abilities to cure malaria.

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