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Who Discovered the MMS Supplement?

September 5, 2011

There are many supplements that claim to be effective in helping to cure a number of illnesses and disorders, but most people are skeptical when they see a product labeled “miracle”. However, some of these products, such as the Miracle Mineral Supplement, are actually effective in helping to combat a number of serious conditions, and it is important to do your research thoroughly before discarding them.

The man behind the Miracle Mineral Supplement is a man known as Jim Humble, a gold miner as well as a metallurgist. He was visiting Central America on a gold hunting trip, traveling through the jungles on an expedition. Suddenly, two of his team came down with malaria while they were still far away from any sort of help or civilization.

Thanks to his many years of experience on such trips, Humble always liked to carry a bottle of sodium chlorite with him whenever he trekked into the jungle. Sodium chlorite was used by the locals to purify the water, and this “stable oxygen” solution had proven to come in handy before. He quickly applied the sodium chlorite to the sick men, and he found that they were restored to full health, miraculously, in a matter of a few hours.

Humble had an idea from this occurrence, and he spent a number of years researching into the sodium chlorite to determine what made it effective. He found that the oxygen in the sodium chlorite had no purpose at all, but it was the small amounts of chlorine dioxide that made the compound so effective. This led to an interesting discovery on his part.

He found that, if he could increase the amount of chlorine dioxide in the solution, he would be able to create a solution that would be more effective than the sodium chloride. After much time spent testing and researching, he finally came up with what he believed to be an effective solution. After further tests to prove the efficiency of the product, he named it the t.

The Miracle Mineral Supplementt has been tested in a number of live cases of malaria in Africa, and over 75,000 people from various countries in Africa have seen amazing recovery thanks to the Miracle Mineral Supplement. Not only malaria can effectively be combated by the Miracle Mineral Supplement, but AIDS, cancer, and even hepatitis patients have found that the Miracle Mineral Supplement is genuinely able to help them treat their illnesses.

The reason that the MMS is so effective is due to the chlorine dioxide in the supplement. Chlorine dioxide is a bleaching agent that is incredibly powerful, and it helps to kill all of the harmful pathogens in the human body. Thanks to the dilution of the MMS, many have found that the supplement is strong enough to kill all the harmful pathogens in their body while not damaging the inner functions of their body.

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